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iPhone Game First Strike is available at the apps store for players who are interested in a futuristic competition of warring nations in the nuclear age. You'll have to choose your steps carefully because, as the game demonstrates, it's a thin line between war and peace. The strategy simulation game features a dynamic game play and an intuitive interface that allows you to make your way through the game levels as you take necessary measures to guarantee the safety of your people.

First Strike is one of the new iPhone games which will engage you at any time and from any location when you play on your iphone mobile. The best iPhone games are available at the apps store for immediate download, so you can play the iPhone Game First Strike whenever and from wherever you wish. Regardless of whether you're waiting for an appointment, taking a break from your work station, watching the kids at the park or relaxing in your arm chair before you go to sleep at night you can play First Strike at your convenience.  

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You'll start your gaming adventure by choosing which of the big nuclear powers you plan to represent. Now you, as the leader of either America, Europe or North Korea, must steer your nation's fate.

Right from the First Strike video introduction you know that you're dealing with a serious situation that can have deadly consequences. The intro film slowly prepares you for a world in which every move that you make can bring massive death and destruction. Set your game setting for the level at which you want to play – anything from Easy to Difficult – and dive right in.

As you begin playing you must start to explore the options that you have as the leader of a superpower. Incoming transmissions alert you to changes in geopolitical situations that may influence your decisions. Game options include expanding to other countries, building bombs and even neutralizing your existing bombs in order to restructure your arsenal. In addition you should research your other options which will enable you to act more quickly including, when necessary, building bigger bombs. You should also learn how to perform recon on your enemy's actions, review your automated self-defence sequences and ensure that your intelligence keeps you informed about every pertinent action that takes place .

Keep moving after each attack because you'll need to determine the best course of action for your country. Build a cruiser, attack, build an IRBM, cut down your arsenal or engage in research….. whichever option you select, you'll have to make your moves carefully. For instance, if you choose to conduct research, you'll have to allot time for the research and recognize the fact that, during that time, your nation won't have the resources to defend itself. Or, if you choose to attack, you will need to decide when and how to attack, whether your attack range will make the attack feasible and whether you might be laying yourself open to attack from another country.

Throughout the game you'll be watching the world map and considering some of your advanced options which include the ability to expand any of the neutral or destroyed nations that you might have acquired,  improve your technology, find sites to place your weapons and other concerns. And, while you're dealing with all of these elements, you'll be receiving more transmissions to keeps you on your toes. The First Strike command is, of course, always a possibility.  

Whatever you do during your First Strike play, your ultimate goal remains the same – to ensure that your nation is the last one standing.

Whether you enjoy games of war or games that promote peace you'll enjoy fun-filled First Strike game. First Strike displays compelling graphics and realistic animated images of a looming nuclear war but, with the swipe of your finger on the iphone screen  you can control the destiny of the entire earth.

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One of the reasons that First Strike is one of the best iPhone games is that it's a dynamic game of action and suspense that is appropriate for veteran gamers and beginning gamers alike. The game demands that the player use all of his skills and strategies to advance and succeed, making it one of the most entertaining, exhilarating and satisfying iphone games available today.

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It's easy to play First Strike on your iPhone. You can download the First Strike app directly to your iphone mobile via your mobile browser and play the game at your leisure right on your iphone screen.