iPhone Game Mines of Mars

Did creatures ever live on Mars? Can the planet sustain lifeforms? It turns out that Mines of Mars gamers have the opportunity to mine for minerals that  mayindicate that the planet has the necessary elements to support life, Now you can join the hunt for these minerals when you play the iPhone Game Mines of Mars on your handheld iphone device.

Mines of Mars is a social media game which gives you the opportunity to share your successes with your Twitter and Facebook friends. Reveal your gaming wins as you share the fun and excitement of social media gaming when you play iPhone Game Mines of Mars for thrills.

iPhone Games

Mines of Mars is one of the most popular iPhone games. It features numerous elements and interactive features. As you mine for minerals you'll have the opportunity to explore the mysterious planet's surface with high resolution graphics, compelling animations and a realistic sound track that transports you to the Martian frontier.

One of the reasons that Mines of Mars is one of the best iPhone games is that it's a social media game, so as player compete they can communicate directly with the game developers to make suggestions and comments in real time. As these suggestions are implemented the iPhone Mines of Mars continues to evolve, becoming more entertaining, more exhilarating and more satisfying.

Game Overview

When you play Mines of Mars on your iphone you'll meet the symbols that make the game so captivating. You'll find spawn-producing monsters, wall-climbing venom-shooting creatures, protective suits, helmets, storage-containers, jet-propulsion fuel packs, ancient relics, thermal-shooting dissipaters, subterranean tunnels, rhino bosses, dungeons, alien threats, sinister secrets and much more. As you make your way through the levels you can upgrade these items to create a more challenging and rewarding game adventure.  


Playing Mines for Mars involves mining through subterranean blocks. As you progress you can collect items for future crafting. Explore the planet where you find the most important elements which you then  upgrade as you move your way through the game levels. It's important to plan out your moves carefully because you're limited as to how much material that you can bring to the surface. Scattered through the game are mysterious temples which are accessible only after you find the corresponding switches that allow you to enter Each maze-like temple contains traps, monsters and an ancient hulking beast. When you neutralize these elements you obtain access to new materials or weapons upgrades.


Every time that you dive into the mysterious dark planet you must strive to attain a specific objective. These objectives generally involve searching out and collecting specific materials. After you make your way through each milestone you'll move on to the next procedurally-generated level.  When you start off you have no power but you're going to be faced with a monumental task of mining Mars' minerals. The only way to improve your gathering, killing and survival skills is to collect gems and ore, the primary elements that will allow you to build the tools that assist you. The core mechanics of mining, smelting and upgrading bring you to the game's compulsion loop.   


Every stop along the gaming trail displays new and compelling elements including dark secrets, unique Martian flora and fauna, atmospheric vibes, fired shots and an increasingly complex and engaging storyline.  Every play is different throughout the Mines of Mars game. Sometimes you can find a large vein of rare minerals while at other times you must search for a considerable amount of time.

iPhone Social Media Gaming

It's easy to play Mines of Mars on your iPhone. The iphone connects to your Facebook and Twitter account 24/7 via WiFi or cellular connectivity so you enjoy non-stop access to all of your favourite social media games directly on your iphone mobile.  Click into your social media account and open up the Mines for Mars game on your iphone browser. As you climb your way through the levels your successes will be announced on your social media profile so your friends can watch your progression and cheer for you.