Oceanhorn iPhone Game

If you want an adventure today on your iPhone, then the Oceanhorn iPhone Game is definitely the way to go. This is one of the iPhone games that you simply won’t want to miss as it takes you on a quest. The graphics here are stunning and the sound effects add to the sense of adventure. The game started on November 14, 2013 and has been received with rave reviews as one of the best iPhone games around. Apple included Oceanhorn iPhone Game in their Best of 2013 feature as #1 indie game. And with good reason.

Getting into the Game

As you start to play the Oceanhorn iPhone Game you see that it’s inspired by The Legend of Zelda. It has a similar structure and many people will be familiar with the feel and look of the game. You’re the long-haired young boy here who is moving into adulthood and going on a quest to inherit has destiny. Your father, of course, has a history all his own. He tried to battle against the sea creature and never came back. So your job with the iPhone games is to try to win the quest. First, you have to eliminate some enemies in order to get your sword and your shield. You’ll navigate your way through the best iPhone games. To combat with a creative you tap a bit “action” button and this will allow you to swing your sword. Your equipment is handled by a smaller button that is just above the other one.

Graphics to Enjoy

The game graphics are absolutely breathtaking as you play Oceanhorn iPhone Game. It’s hard to believe that the graphics people were able to create such a vibrant, eye-popping combination when they made the iPhone games like this one. The movement, however, is a bit clumsy and it takes some getting used to. There are many narrow paths that the hero has to go through and it’s not easy to do so without tumbling and you’ll have to learn how to control your sword and your hands to pick up things like barrels or swing your weapons.

The Action Continues

As you journey through the maze with the Oceanhorn iPhone Game you’ll move between the island and the boat to get to the dungeons. There, you’ll search for objects that you need to get to other islands and to get to more dungeons. Your first task, for instance, is to get to Bomb Island where you’ll unlock the explosives to get past rockfalls on another island. All of this creates an elaborate maze of activities, and anyone who loves iPhone games will be enthralled by the many hoops and quests that you take here.

Certainly, this is one of the best iPhone games around and one that will keep you searching and moving. The game is quite long, enabling you to enjoy yourself for a long journey, or to just try a bit at a time. And you’ll never be able to get bored, as there are new things that you’ll see each time that you play and new conquests to try to achieve.

This is a great game for anyone who loves to use his iPhone for entertainment and wants a vividly appealing game that will take them on a quest. Get ready for the journey that you desire and wait for when you come to Oceanhorn iPhone Game fun and get ready for your next adventure.