Pandemic Takes Over the World

Pandemic is a well known and thrilling board game that was launched in 2005 and since then it has literally taken over the world, a bit like the epidemics that players are trying their utmost to avoid. The Pandemic board game centres around a disease fighting team who work together to keep deadly diseases at bay. The players can work in teams to travel the world and fight of an epidemic of disease and destruction. This game is nonstop thrills and provides hours of excitement and fun in real role playing situations with real scenarios. The Pandemic iPhone Game is played in much the same way with a few additions and exceptions.

Choose one of the iPhone Games Roles

In the Pandemic iPhone Game players are given a choice of up to 7 different roles and can play solo or with up to 4 players. When playing solo the player can play multiple roles in finding the cure to one of the deadly diseases that comes up. The game starts with four diseases spread across the world and players need to make different decisions and work with other players or other roles in order to find the best cure. The aim of the game is to neutralise the spread of the disease. This game offers many ways to lose and only one way to win. The layout of the game is clear and concise and although it is not the most attractive game to look at, it is practical and very easy to follow.

Making a Difference to Humanity

When entering this cooperative game for the first time, players are able to choose one of the different levels starting with easy, medium and difficult. The iPhone games on the whole do offer a range of different levels and this allows players to play the lower levels until they gain confidence and of course it also keeps them involved for much longer and the player can work up the different levels as he becomes more proficient in the game. The Pandemic iPhone Game like most of the best iPhone games offers players an interactive tutorial with live examples of how the game is played and the decisions made during the game. Players can choose to play the game on a landscape screen or a portrait screen whichever suits their vision. All of the controls are touch like with all iPhone games and players also benefit from interactive sounds which are not present in the original board game. The basis of the game is “can you save humanity?” Each and every aspect of the game is realistic and players get to make some very important decisions that can prevent a widescale epidemic and panic spreading across the globe. Each of the roles offered comes with a full description of the person, what he does and how he can contribute to the team of specialists that fight disease. Because the iPhone games player can take on one more roles, his concentration needs to be much higher and he also has to balance the attention he gives to each role. As the player gets more and more into the game, it actually becomes harder with all of the challenges that are presented to each player and of course the major prevention of widespread panic. Even players who have not experienced the award winning board game, the Pandemic iPhone Game is a great way to start. Players are introduced gently and work their way up the different difficulty levels in trying to save the world from disease destruction.