Pandemic Takes Over the World

Pandemic is a well known and thrilling board game that was launched in 2005 and since then it has literally taken over the world, a bit like the epidemics that players are trying their utmost to avoid. The Pandemic board game centres around a disease fighting team who work together to keep deadly diseases at bay. The players can work in teams to travel the world and fight of an epidemic of disease and destruction. This game is nonstop thrills and provides hours of excitement and fun in real role playing situations with real scenarios.

iPhone Game Mines of Mars

Did creatures ever live on Mars? Can the planet sustain lifeforms? It turns out that Mines of Mars gamers have the opportunity to mine for minerals that  mayindicate that the planet has the necessary elements to support life, Now you can join the hunt for these minerals when you play the iPhone Game Mines of Mars on your handheld iphone device.

iPhone Game First Strike

iPhone Game First Strike is available at the apps store for players who are interested in a futuristic competition of warring nations in the nuclear age. You'll have to choose your steps carefully because, as the game demonstrates, it's a thin line between war and peace. The strategy simulation game features a dynamic game play and an intuitive interface that allows you to make your way through the game levels as you take necessary measures to guarantee the safety of your people.

Oceanhorn iPhone Game

If you want an adventure today on your iPhone, then the Oceanhorn iPhone Game is definitely the way to go. This is one of the iPhone games that you simply won’t want to miss as it takes you on a quest. The graphics here are stunning and the sound effects add to the sense of adventure. The game started on November 14, 2013 and has been received with rave reviews as one of the best iPhone games around. Apple included Oceanhorn iPhone Game in their Best of 2013 feature as #1 indie game. And with good reason.